Our Purpose

machOne.aero applies simplicity to the airline operational environment through task minimisation and automation in its software. The features built into the programme reduce time-consuming duties operational staff must perform whilst ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the daily operations. The choice of a cloud-based programme, along with a modular architecture, provides easy accessibility of a stable system wherever you are while adapting to your operation is possible through simple rule setting procedures.

The flight operations of any aviation company, whether being airlines or charter, require a high-performance programme to ensure the smooth operation of the schedule. A well-grounded system allows for a company to achieve higher efficiency resulting in increased cost savings.

About Us

The journey to develop the machOne.aero system stems from the director's extensive knowledge in the airline and auditing environment. The directors envisioned an easy-to-use system that allows users to carry out their job seamlessly while adding value to a company through improved efficiency. Identifying an intuitive platform that would suit most aviation companies needs resulted from the combined experience with other platforms and user feedback. The combination of the aviation industry knowledge has contributed to the system architecture aimed at a stable system that ensures reliability.


Our Partners

Crown Software

As a South African based software development company, Crown Software has provided a world-class service in developing a complex system. The knowledge and expertise of the developers at Crown Software have enabled the system to achieve and deliver a un-equalled user experience in schedule planning.

Flightdeck Software and Support

A company started in 1991, FSS has extensive knowledge of the aviation environment focusing on their accurate flight planning software, AvNet. The integration between the FSS system and machOne.aero allows companies to run their operation electronically, reducing the need to manually input data into the EFB creation for pilots according to their daily rostered flights.

Peter-John Aitken

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Jonathan Bates

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